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Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct outlines the values, business principles, and behavior expected from all Paradigm employees, officers, and directors worldwide. By adhering to our Code of Business Conduct, each of us will uphold Paradigm’s commitment to conducting business in an ethical and law-abiding manner.

What is the Code?

The Code consists of guidelines that help define our acceptable business principles and practices. Its purpose is to provide guidance to help each of us consistently conduct ourselves in an ethical and lawful manner. The Code, while covering a wide range of practices, is not – and is not intended to be – a complete rule book. It is a guide to our corporate standards and behavioral expectations.

Each of us must make a personal commitment to comply with the policies and procedures reflected in the Code and its underlying principles of behavior. Only through our actions can we maintain a work environment where ethical behavior is not only expected, but encouraged.

To Whom Does the Code Apply?

The Code applies to all Paradigm employees, officers, and directors. We are all expected to conduct ourselves according to these guidelines and avoid any inappropriate decisions or behavior that might be harmful to ourselves, our co-workers, or Paradigm. We are each expected to observe the highest standards of professionalism at all times and comply with the principles and practices described within the Code.

Download Code of Business Conduct here.

Paradigm Export Control Compliance Policy

Download Paradigm Export Control Compliance Policy here.