VIP Consultant Program

Free Access to Paradigm Software for Independent Consultants

The Paradigm VIP Consultant Program is a new initiative aimed at providing oil and gas consulting organizations around the world with access to Paradigm software solutions and training.  By providing cost-free access to Paradigm software, our network of influential industry experts directly benefits from hands-on experience with our solutions.  This both supports their role as industry consultants and furthers  industry understanding of our advanced geophysical, geological and petrotechnical solutions.
The consultant organizations selected for the program receive a one-year renewable lease to Paradigm software, unlimited access to Paradigm Online University training courses, and preferential access to software ‘beta’ users. In exchange, these organizations will work alongside Paradigm to promote the value of our advanced technologies by authoring technical papers and white papers, securing customer testimonials,  jointly testing Paradigm products, and participating in other marketing efforts.
If you are an industry consultant organization focused on mid-market operators, we encourage you to fill out the form below to see if you qualify for the Paradigm VIP Consultant Program, or to receive more information.

Qualification Form