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Geolog-Petrel Connector

Easy, direct data transfer.

The industry-leading Geolog® formation evaluation and petrophysics analysis solution suite now offers its users a plug-in that enables direct data transfer from Geolog to Petrel* seismic to simulation software.  The link enables easy and direct import of logs and tops from Geolog to Petrel, and displays Geolog data in a way that it is familiar to Petrel users.  The connector is compatible with Petrel 2013.

Other new Geolog features include:
Geolog - Petrel connector

A new module for log-based pore and fracture pressure prediction that optimizes drilling safety and helps design fracturing activity Following data preparation and compaction trend analysis, the Geolog pore pressure prediction module calculates hydrostatic pressure, overburden pressure, pore pressure, and fracture pressure in a single multi-tab program.

Pore pressure results
Advanced shale gas analysis and geomechanics workflows and technologies from Saudi Aramco.  Together with its geosteering and multi-mineral analysis capability, these new technologies expand Geolog’s ability to successfully meet the unique challenges faced in shale plays.
Gas in place accumulation
*is a mark of Schlumberger

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