Seismic facies in Paradigm 3D Canvas.

Paradigm 14

Advanced Science for Everyone.

With over 700 new features and enhancements, the Paradigm® 14 Release provides integrated solutions that enhance multi-team collaboration on shared projects.  This release constitutes another significant step in our mission to deliver Advanced Science for Everyone in the fields of exploration, development and production.

The focus of this release is the science and technology that enable effective seismic data processing and imaging, velocity modeling, and seismic interpretation.

In this release, Paradigm further reduces exploration risk through its Processing & Imaging and Interpretation offerings.

Paradigm Processing & Imaging solutions deliver high-definition images

How does that help me?
It allows you to visualize smaller features important for exploiting modern reservoirs – fractures, thin beds and small faults.

How does it reduce exploration risk?

  • It ensures a clearer understanding of the subsurface
  • It increases the value of your investment in both legacy and modern seismic surveys
  • It lets you verify results from your processing partners
Critical capabilities
  • Overcome acquisition limitations in surveys by mathematically repositioning sources and sensors into a desirable geometry with 5D regularization
  • Improve signal and reduce noise in both marine and land surveys
  • Define geological features more precisely through more accurate velocity determination, with new interactive tomography QC capabilities
Where can I find it?
Echos®, GeoDepth®, EarthStudy 360®


Paradigm Interpretation solutions facilitate QSI workflows

How does that help me?

It enables you to predict reservoir and interval properties earlier in the G&G cycle.

How does it reduce exploration risk?

  • It improves efficiency and speed of identifying zones of interest
  • It delivers faster identification of reservoir characteristics when you have limited well control
  • It ties seismic to well logs to better understand aerial extent of reservoir
Critical capabilties
  • Define rock properties using seismic inversion, seismic facies classification and on-the-fly attribute calculation
  • Identify fluids within the reservoir with AVA inversion and QC of pre-stack data
  • Predict flow for well planning using full-azimuth fracture orientation and intensity analysis
Where can I find it?
SeisEarth®, VoxelGeo®


Paradigm applications provided in this release:

EarthStudy 360® – Full azimuth imaging and characterization  
Echos® – Seismic data processing
GeoDepth® – Velocity determination and modeling
SeisEarth® - Multi-survey regional to prospect interpretation
VoxelGeo® – Voxel-volume interpretation
Explorer™ – Time-to-depth conversion
Probe® – Amplitude vs. offset/angle analysis and interpretation
Vanguard® – Seismic inversion and property determination
Sysdrill® Designer – Well planning