Deeper insight into the subsurface.

Paradigm 2011.3 Release

2D and 3D seismic data, structural interpretation and model in one integrated display (Data courtesy of AWE Ltd.)
Paradigm 2011.3 is the latest upgrade to the largest synchronized release of software in company history. Like the other upgrades, this release strengthens the Epos® platform with significant advances in functionality, usability, integration and performance across the entire E&P chain served by the Paradigm portfolio. This release also introduces new interpretation and modeling functionalities that strengthen workflows for stratigraphic prospecting, quantitative interpretation, stratigraphic modeling, and reservoir facies modeling.

Paradigm releases are the outcome of an ongoing process of collaboration with our customers to develop the best products, workflows and outcomes offered in the industry. Upgrade or request a demonstration of Paradigm 2011.3 today to explore the many new features and enhancements of this update release.

Major technological advances in Paradigm 2011.3

Enhancements to SeisEarth® 3D Canvas

  • Directly embedded, GPU-based voxel rendering
  • Interactive disk roaming; data roaming resolution changes automatically in order to maintain optimal interactivity.
  • CPU/GPU-based multi-horizon flattening
  • Horizon slicing, proportional slicing with property extractions and scrolling
  • Easy-to-use crossplot
  • Interactive mute picking and AVO analysis functions on prestack gathers
  • 4D (time-lapsed) QC
  • Enhancements to Prestack Maximum Likelihood Inversion

Additional main enhancements

  • Global interpretation-while-modeling workflows, combining automated propagation of interlayer horizons with SKUA UVT transform
  • New geologic interpretation tools for facies modeling
  • A new 5D regularization module in Echos
  • Expanded ASCII data import, with flexible customization to support column-based formats