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Software Development Kits

Extend, innovate and reuse.

Paradigm® offers a range of software development kits (SDKs) that let users integrate their internal development with Paradigm applications and interoperate with Paradigm products.

Proof of their power is the amount of times these kits have been used and reused. Hundreds of Echos® modules have been developed, thousands of Geolog® Loglan modules exist, and hundreds of SKUA-GOCAD plug-ins are in use, some of them made commercially available by third parties.

Augment Paradigm applications with proprietary technology

Dedicated Application Software Development Kits enable customers to extend and enhance Paradigm products with unique technologies:

  • OpenGeo®:  Enables application programmers to build software that can access any data in Epos® and can interact with Epos applications. This includes access to a variety of Epos data types: seismic, interpretation and well log data, and the associated data types and attributes that are required to support E&P applications. OpenGeo also provides access to Epos infrastructure services, such as industry-standard coordinate and measurement unit transformations, and event services like cursor tracking and data change notification. These enable customer applications to extend the workflows available in the Paradigm interpretation product suite.
  • OpenGeo also includes the software development kit components that allow customers to create custom geoscientific algorithms for the Echos product suite, enabling them to easily extend their proprietary or data-specific seismic processing workflows.
  • SKUA-GOCAD: Build SKUA-GOCAD plug-ins, with full access to the advanced digital subsurface model features and extensive workflow management tools in the underlying applications. SKUA-GOCAD software development kits enable the development of either SKUA-GOCAD plug-ins or the use of SKUA-GOCAD algorithms inside any other application. The SKUA-GOCAD SDKs provide tools to quickly create user interface components and executable commands and integrate them in the different menus. 
  • Geolog Loglan: Write, compile and apply custom log analysis algorithms in Geolog. Geolog Loglan enables the development of algorithms and executable commands with dialogs that can be accessed inside of Geolog, like any other Geolog processing module. Loglan modules encapsulate data access and parameter access and let the programmer focus on the data transformation.
  • VgTools: Build applications that interact with the unique 3D seismic interpretation capabilities in VoxelGeo®.