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Trademark Guidelines

1. Paradigm is our TRADE NAME, or name under which we conduct business, and, when used in that context, requires the ® designation in the first mention in written work. Paradigm is a noun. When referring to, Paradigm as a company name, with or without the entity designation such as Paradigm B.V. or Paradigm Corp., do include the trademark designation in its first use.
Correct: Paradigm® announced today...
Incorrect: Paradigm announced today...

Correct: Paradigm® is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions.
Incorrect: Paradigm is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions.

2. Use the ® to indicate fully registered Paradigm trademarks and the ™ to indicate the claimed Paradigm trademarks. Please make the trademark symbol a superscript (® or ™) and position it immediately after the trademark to which it applies (Paradigm®).

3. When trademarks are adjectives, the Paradigm trademark is used to distinguish products or other relevant nouns. “Paradigm” when followed by a product name or other noun is a trademark and should be designated with ® (for example, Paradigm® SKUA-GOCAD™).

4. It is necessary that you include the appropriate trademark symbol, whether ® or ™, with the associated mark only in the first prominent mention on a piece of marketing collateral, including introductory paragraphs, as well as in the first mention in text copy (but not including headlines, headings, or paragraph titles). In a newsletter, include the trademark symbol the first time a mark is mentioned within each article. In a publication consisting of chapters or on websites such as product centers, include the appropriate trademark symbol the first time a mark is mentioned in each chapter, or on each new web page.

Please note: product names are not necessarily synonymous with trademarks. The trademark designation and protection apply only to that portion of the product name which is immediately to the left of the ® or ™ symbol.

With "Paradigm® GeoDepth®," the “Paradigm” portion is a registered trademark and the “GeoDepth” portion of the name is a registered trademark.
With “Paradigm® Explorer™,” the “Paradigm” portion is a claimed trademark and the “Explorer” portion of the name is a claimed trademark.

5. Trademarks are adjectives or nouns and should be treated as similarly with initial use trademark designation. When trademarks are adjectives, they are to be followed by the appropriate noun (software, technology, file, and functionality) at least in the first mention in the text of a given piece.

6. Do not use trademarks as possessives.

Correct: Paradigm® SKUA® ensures confidence in model accuracy.
Incorrect: Paradigm’s® SKUA® ensures confidence; Paradigm’s SKUA® ensures confidence.

7. It is important that the appropriate™ or ® symbols are included with our trademarks in the following prominent uses: product packaging, labels, product manuals, company, product or third party websites, promotional collateral or brochures, press releases, data sheets, and advertisements.

8. The ™ or ® designation is needed only the first time a trademark is referenced in a document, unless you are citing or listing a series of product titles. In that case the symbols should be used appropriately with each name. Additionally, in newsletters, brochures, or publications consisting of several articles or chapters, use the ™ or ® designation with the first use of the trademark in each article or chapter. At the end of the entire publication, include the following trademark paragraph. For books or manuals, the trademark paragraph may be printed on the copyright page that follows the front cover. Do not include the actual ™ or ® symbols in the trademark paragraph, however.

Trademark paragraph:
The following are trademarks or registered trademarks of Paradigm B.V. or its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively,"Paradigm") in the United States or in other countries: Paradigm, Paradigm logo, and/or other Paradigm products referenced herein. For a complete list of Paradigm trademarks, visit our Web site at www.pdgm.com. All other company or product names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.