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Careers at Paradigm

Our growth is your opportunity!

Paradigm® is the industry’s leading independent developer of E&P software. We are unique from our competition: our software and software-enabled services generate 100% of our revenue and we invest 20% of all our profits back into R&D.

What does this mean for our employees? Paradigm values and invests in the entrepreneurial spirit. We seek out and hire the best minds in the sciences underlying oil and gas exploration and production. We believe that supporting your passion for research and innovation is good for the entire company.

Ideal Paradigm candidates span a wide range of experience and educational levels, from university graduates to seasoned industry professionals. Simply stated, with one in four Paradigm employees holding Ph.D.s, we’re looking for people who are driven to be the best and work with the best.

Key roles within Paradigm include:

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Sales
  • Research and Development

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Working at Paradigm

Paradigm is a a multi-national company with global teams sharing projects and ideas. The work environment is collegial and laid back and we encourage the development of strong professional relationships and friendships. We are committed to providing a diverse workplace where our employees feel supported, welcome and part of a larger community.

Our management style is inclusive. Managers and supervisors communicate with their employees on a regular basis, and people are encouraged to voice their concerns and ideas.

Paradigm encourages the continued development of professional knowledge and skills, and we actively foster a corporate culture that promotes work-life balance and contribution to the larger vision of the company.

Careers within Paradigm are dynamic and fast paced. We offer unparalleled opportunities for career variation and international travel and relocation. Our employees have ample opportunity to grow their careers and share their talents. Paradigm offers performance-based compensation programs and competitive salaries, premium benefits, and internal mobility.