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Data Connectivity

Easy data sharing for today's complex E&P projects.


The powerful interoperability capabilities of Epos™ enable data from other E&P software providers to be easily linked or transferred into Epos for access by AspenTech Subsurface Science & Engineering (SSE) software applications.


OSDU R3 Well data

Download and ingestion of well logs from Geolog™ (version 20 and up).

Schlumberger Petrel*

Data can be transferred between AspenTech SSE applications and Petrel seismic-to-simulation software via the Petrel Connector, a plug-in to Petrel developed by AspenTech SSE.  An Epos link enables direct transfer of well and interpretation data from the Epos database to Petrel, making it easier to share data between disciplines.  Standalone configurations of Geolog™ and SKUA-GOCAD™ are also available to facilitate the use of SSE's best-in-class E&P software solutions on top of Petrel.  In addition to the direct link, data, including seismic, may be transferred between Epos and Petrel via RESQML files.
*Mark of Schlumberger

"In interpretation mode, I've successfully used the Epos RESQML/Petrel link to move horizons, faults, T-surfaces and grids between Paradigm and Petrel, in just a few clicks.  I particularly like the bulk transfer capability  of the Paradigm Interpretation Manager, which allows easy bulk transfer of a variety of interpretations.  I’ve also been able to import seismic volumes into and out of Petrel, taking advantage of the range of coordinate conversions in Paradigm. ​

I have been most impressed by the well export function and have found it to be a very simple and fast process... Most importantly, the link enables the rapid migration of large, complex well databases for immediate use in Emerson products.”

Tim Rady, London-based Oil & Gas E&P Company


  • Read-only direct access to third-party ESRI Shapefile and WMS raster data through web links.
  • ESRI-compatible formats for export of interpretation data.

Halliburton Recall™

Direct connectivity with Recall for well log data.

Halliburton OpenWorks®

Well, seismic and interpretation data (e.g. horizons, grids and fault picks) can be exchanged with Epos, using a client-server architecture that enables transfer with no time-consuming data reformatting.


Seismic data stored in the JavaSeis format may now be registered and read directly into Epos-based applications, enabling both direct use and data transfer with no time-consuming reformatting.

Flow Simulators

Reservoir models produced by SKUA-GOCAD can be processed by numerous commercial flow simulators, including:

  • Schlumberger ECLIPSE®
  • Halliburton VIP

Flow simulation results can be imported and analyzed in SKUA-GOCAD for Schlumberger and CMG reservoir simulators. Streamlines can be imported from Schlumberger Frontsim and Streamsim Technologies 3DSL.

A dedicated pre-processing module allows the creation of input parameter files and launch simulation runs for Eclipse and 3DSL from the SKUA/GOCAD environment.  It is also possible to connect and launch any flow simulator with externally generated parameter files.

Geomechanical Simulators

  • Dassault Systèmes Abaqus


Direct access to Matlab code from within Geolog through Loglan.


Enables operating companies to make rapid and informed decisions while drilling based on real-time data, to maximize productivity and minimize drilling costs. OpsLink provides efficient and accurate data exchange between rig site acquisition systems and office-based software applications and data stores. It enables real-time workflows in GeologGeolog Geosteer™Sysdrill™ and SKUA-GOCAD.


AspenTech SSE software applications support many standard file formats, including:

  • DICOM® (.dcm)
  • DLIS
  • EDM
  • Geographix® ASCII4 (.wb4)
  • IHS 298 Production Data (.98c, 98f)
  • IOGP
  • LAS (1,2 and 3)
  • LIC (PETRA™ - Log Image Calibration)
  • LIS
  • OWX (OpenWorks® Exchange Format) as exported by IHS Kingdom® and IHS PETRA (.asc)
  • SEG-2
  • SEG-Y
  • SEG-D
  • SEP
  • SPWLA - Well Information and Core Format
  • TGS SmartRASTER® (.sif)
  • WITSML 1.x (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language)