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Emerson E&P Software Cloud Hosted Solution

Best-of-Breed Applications in an Expanded Offering


The enormous growth in the volume and complexity of data, together with the need to reduce costs and enhance productivity in the oil and gas Exploration and Production market, pose a growing challenge for today’s E&P CIOs. Different business units often have different needs and timetables, and IT departments are expected to support a wide variety of requirements. Add to that the rapid changes in hardware, operating systems and middleware, and the need for an agile, scalable compute and storage environment becomes evident.

Many companies are turning to the cloud as the solution of choice, and as the technology matures and becomes more affordable, the cloud option is increasingly attractive.  Emerson is a leader in this groundbreaking technology, with years of experience in cloud solutions.  Emerson E&P Software is now drawing on this expertise, and offering its entire portfolio in the cloud.

The Emerson Cloud Hosted Solution is specifically attuned to the oil and gas E&P industry.  This offering is uniquely positioned to provide an effective solution to our customers’ needs, without compromising our advanced science products or workflow integration. Simply said, we offer the tools and services that make it fast and easy to migrate  to the cloud.


With the entire Emerson E&P Software portfolio now available in the cloud, our customers benefit from maximum freedom in selecting their working and storage environment. Users who choose to stay on their on-premises IT infrastructure will continue to have that option, while those who prefer to run their applications in the cloud now have that solution available to them.

IT Managers who choose the cloud will enjoy the flexibility and scalability of the cloud infrastructure to easily adapt resources to their current and future needs, leading to optimal cost control.

To access our applications in the cloud, we provide virtual machines installed with Emerson E&P software, and a Cloud Console (Web application), to provision and monitor cloud resources. With its commitment to open standards and interoperability, Emerson supports its cloud-hosted solutions on leading cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and AWS.


Once you've decided to migrate to the cloud, you have additional freedom to choose your preferred operating model according to your environment and requirements:

  • Customer Hosted
    • Customer Managed – Customers run the software in their own cloud environment, managed by their IT organization.
    • Emerson Managed - Customers run the software in their own cloud environment, managed by the Emerson IT organization. This service aims at helping the customer operate and manage the cloud infrastructure, leveraging Emerson’s expertise in building and operating secure cloud solutions.
  • Emerson SaaS – Emerson provides a service for hosting and managing the cloud platform for our customers, including IT operations and providing software licenses, support, maintenance and operation.

The Emerson Cloud Hosted Solution includes the best practices and automation tools needed to configure a robust, secure and high-performing environment for demanding G&G applications.

How Does Emerson E&P Software in the Cloud Benefit You?

  • You continue to enjoy best-in-breed software applications and workflows.
  • Persona-based deployment provides optimized performance for all levels of use.
  • Provision, manage and monitor usage to control costs.
  • No need to constantly update your hardware.
  • Optimize collaboration between remote teams.
  • Offload internal IT and remove implementation bottlenecks.
  • Automate creation and maintenance of your environment with fit for purpose Automation Tools.  
  • We’re a strong supporter of industry standards (OpenDB, RESQML, OSDU), which enable the transition to and co-existence with our next-generation cloud applications.

Let Emerson take the pain out of your journey to the cloud.