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Big Loop

A Collaborative Approach to Calibrating Subsurface Models for Reliable Production Concept Design and Forecasting.

Big Loop™ is an automated, ensemble based, stochastic workflow that tightly integrates the static and dynamic domains, ensuring that all the important reservoir uncertainties are captured and used as input parameters to the reservoir simulator. By adjusting these input parameters, multiple realisations of the dynamic model, constrained by production history, are created via an iterative loop. The result is a calibrated flow model that is consistent with the underlying geology. The workflow is easy to update and allows for more time spent on analyzing the results and building a common understanding of the reservoir.BigLoop.png

Big Loop Features

  • Capture, propagation and analysis of uncertainty from seismic to simulation
  • The building of ‘fit-for-purpose’ models
  • Fast updates of geological and reservoir simulation models
Big Loop Benefits
  • Collaboration and integration across the domains
  • Significantly reduced cycle times
  • A highly accurate reservoir description
  • A robust estimation of STOIIP and reserves uncertainty 
  • Well-informed decisions relating to future development scenarios