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SKUA Benefits

Subsurface Knowledge Unified Approach (SKUA) is today’s most advanced volume-based modeling method.  E&P professionals deploy SKUA to better model geology for more reliable reservoir prediction – and to gain very real technical and business benefits.

Work smarter
  • Leverage a single, comprehensive, seismic-to-simulation workflow solution.
  • Model any type of simple-to-complex fault system.
  • Honor all available data and retain full subsurface complexity, without compromise.
  • Allow both experts and beginners to produce fast, simple, accurate reservoir models.
  • QC your interpretation in unique SKUA paleo-stratigraphic space.
Work faster
  • Complete reservoir models in days or weeks, not in months or years.
  • Use a single model for velocity modeling, structural analysis and restoration, fault seal, reservoir modeling and reservoir simulation; save time in prospect generation and seismic-to-simulation workflows.
  • Deploy a cost-efficient, open and customizable modular SKUA solution that integrates all data types and works seamlessly with other software.
  • Create a unique, detailed, stratigraphic model using all seismic signals with SKUA Global Interpretation.
Improve quality
  • Enhance the speed and accuracy of prospect mapping and interpretation, giving you more confidence in prospective wells.
  • Reduce risk by seamlessly incorporating uncertainty into data and interpretations.
  • Create more realistic subsurface geology representations using our unique QC tools. 
  • Make better decisions, reduce uncertainty, and increase recovery.
Compare the Feature/Functionality of SKUA vs. GOCAD

Feature/Functionality SKUA GOCAD
Reservoir modeling time requirements Days or weeks Months or longer
Model reservoir types All: Simple to complex Limited
Geologic model quality Higher accuracy and more detail for a truer representation of subsurface geology Reduced ability to model complex faults, fractures and deeper reservoirs
Innovative applications Global Interpretation, true 3D seismic paleo-flattening, enhanced fault seal analysis, fracture characterization, 3D restoration, flow simulation models, geomechanical mesh Limited
Modeling technology Mathematically rigorous UVT Transform® approach models true depositional state of subsurface Limitations forced mutations of original geometry representation, not honoring real geology