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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice years of acquired knowledge to adopt new technology.

Take your GOCAD expertise to a higher level of effectiveness. No more worrying about losing current work. No more tedious workflow re-creation. No work disruption. You can now run all your GOCAD workflows in SKUA, without modification. It’s that simple.

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You shouldn’t have to model one surface at a time, when you can model the entire subsurface volume.

The unique SKUA 3D volume modeling approach automates all fault network and stratigraphic horizon construction. All faults at once. All horizons at once. No, that’s not a misprint! You save time by completing reservoir models in days or weeks instead of months or years.

You shouldn’t have to change the geology to fit the software. Change the software to fit the geology.

SKUA uses a radically different volume-based 3D modeling approach that removes all limitations and deformations caused by conventional methods. This unique technology uses all available data and honors basic geologic rules to build more accurate, simple-to-complex subsurface models. Any fault structure. Any stratigraphic system. Nothing is too complicated!

  • Get more accurate production forecasts.
  • Preserve the real geology in flow simulation.
  • Make more confident drilling decisions.
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How can I upgrade to SKUA?
  1. Fill out the form to contact your account manager for
    licensing info.
  2. Log in to the Customer Hub.
  3. Download the SKUA-GOCAD upgrade version.
  4. Add SKUA plug-ins to your GOCAD session.
  5. Run.