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AAPG 100th Annual Convention and Exhibition

April 02 - 05, 2017
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texas

Please visit us at booth #1715 at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) 100th Annual Convention & Exhibition, in Houston, April 2-5.

AAPG2017_sm.jpgWith the theme A High Definition Platform – Better Results with Less Effort as a backdrop, Paradigm will showcase its new Paradigm 17 product suite, which leverages a high-definition platform and the integration of Machine Learning, along with advanced technology and seamless integration, to improve asset team effectiveness in achieving superior decision-making results.

Special Events

Visitors to AAPG are invited to join us at the Paradigm booth #1715 for these special events:
  • The unveiling of Paradigm 17 at a Media Event at 2:45 PM, Monday, April 3.
  • Joint presentations by Paradigm and Microsoft, "Introducing Paradigm for the Cloud", by Indy Chakrabarti, Paradigm, and Kadri Umay, Microsoft at 2:00 PM, Monday, April 3 and 1:15 PM, Tuesday, April 4.
  • A special lecture, "Mining 3D Seismic Data for Stratigraphically Significant Features: Workflows and Applications", by Dr. Henry Posamentier of Posamentier Geosciences Consulting, at  2:45 PM, Tuesday, April 4.
Abstract:  Mitigating risk with regard to lithology prediction involves aspects of seismic stratigraphy integrated with seismic geomorphology. Pattern recognition (i.e., recognizing those patterns that are geologically significant) coupled with efficient and creative workflows is the key to success.  Workflows for efficiently mining 3D seismic data for stratigraphically significant features will be demonstrated, and include horizon and interval attribute extraction, "creative" datuming, horizon (i.e., stratal) slicing, optical stacking, and "channel chasing".

‚ÄčTechnical Presentation Highlights

Technical presentations will focus on key workflows in the exploration and development of conventional and unconventional plays, including:
  • Machine Learning for Automated Seismic Facies Classification in Paradigm 17
  • Using Innovative Technology to Enhance Performance in Shale Reservoirs - An Eagle Ford Case Study
  • Reservoir Geomechanics for Better Production Risk Management
  • Impact of Parameter Uncertainty on Velocity Modeling and Time/Depth Conversion Workflows
  • Effectively Matching Seismic to Wells in the Depth Domain
  • Using Production Data to Enhance Reservoir Characterization
  • Chronostratigraphic Modeling - Realizing the Full Value of Chronostratigraphic Interpretation
  • Borehole Analysis for Unlocking Unconventional Reservoirs
  • Introducing Paradigm for the Cloud

Please click here to see the detailed presentation Agenda.

For further information, please contact Carmen Comis.
For information about the Media Event, please contact Samhita Shah.