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Geothermal Rising Conference 2021

Oct 03 - 06 2021
San Diego, California


The Emerson Exploration & Production group is pleased to participate in the Geothermal Rising Conference (GRC), the geothermal industry’s flagship annual conference, held this year in San Diego.

The conference is the largest annual gathering of the geothermal community, bringing together people in industry, academia, government, and the general public. Join us at the event, where Emerson will showcase some of its geoscience solutions that have been successfully used in geothermal applications. We look forward to learning about your challenges, building relationships, and sharing the latest Emerson innovations that can be applied to geothermal energy.

Adrien Caudron, North America Technical Services Director at Emerson E&P Software, will present a 20-minute technical satellite session, "Geothermal Analysis and Reservoir Management, Including a Case Study for The Geysers" on October 5, from 2:00 - 2:20 PM (Pacific time).  


Calpine Corporation have been leveraging Emerson’s SKUA-GOCAD solutions for 3D model building and visualization since 2011 to aid with 3D induced seismicity analysis and mitigation efforts for The Geysers Geothermal Field.

Calpine initially utilized well-developed workflows for the animation of spatiotemporal relationships between water injection rates and resulting induced seismicity throughout The Geysers. It soon became clear that Emerson’s SKUA-GOCAD™ workflows would allow the flexibility to constrain Geysers’ 3D structural model with a broad range of existing data, including more than 900 lithology logs, steam entries, temperature logs, pressure logs, tracer patterns, heat flow patterns, non-condensable gas patterns, surface geologic maps and induced seismicity hypocenter patterns.

Utilizing this data, Calpine committed the necessary resources towards building a fieldwide 3D structural model, and the detailed analysis capabilities within the software have improved Calpine’s understanding of The Geysers, including its complex 3D subsurface structure, fluid flow paths and boundaries, reservoir heterogeneity and compartmentalization.

In addition, the software’s advanced visualization allows the continuously evolving 3D model to be used as a communication tool across disciplines. Calpine’s subsurface specialists are using it for planning water injection and steam production wells, real-time drilling monitoring (with daily updates to directional surveys and lithology information), and frequent public outreach regarding induced seismicity and risk mitigation.