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Modified Stochastic Inversion (MSI)

October 14, 2020
This presentation is now available for viewing.


This presentation was offered as part of the Technical Program at the SEG 2020 Annual Meeting.

Presented by:  Anat Canning (presenter), Dominique Mouliere, Yuval Weiss, Henrique Mageste, Taehee Kim, João Muniz, Fernando Vizeu and Anastasya Teitel, Emerson; Miles Leggett and Astrid T. Fernandez, Galp E&P
Featured Domain:  Quantitative Seismic Interpretation
Featured Product:  Modified Stochastic Inversion



This lecture presents a spectral method for performing stochastic inversion through the integration of deterministic inversion with the stochastic process. The result is equivalent to the Stochastic Inversion in terms of resolution, it matches the seismic data, and it enables uncertainly estimation via the generation of multiple realizations. In addition, it provides excellent flexibility and QC capabilities, to help the user optimize results. The process is very fast and therefore very attractive.


Anat_Canning.jpgDr. Anat Canning is the R&D Manager for Seismic Reservoir Characterization solutions at Emerson E&P Software.  She manages a worldwide team of geoscientists that develops the next generation of seismic inversion and quantitative seismic interpretation (QSI) solutions, and she leads the effort to make these solutions more accessible to the interpreter.  Among a diverse range of interests, her expertise focuses on AVO and amplitude preservation, seismic-to-well ties, seismic inversion, seismic anisotropy, and the derivation of rock properties from seismic.

Previously, Dr. Canning worked at the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) as a senior research scientist, and at the Institute for Petroleum Research and Geophysics (IPRG) as a senior geophysicist. She has also served as a Lecturer at leading technical universities worldwide.

Dr. Canning has delivered papers and presentations at many international scientific conferences, and has authored numerous technical articles.  She holds a Ph.D. in Geophysics from Rice University in Houston, Texas.