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Petrel Direct Connector in Paradigm 17

July 27, 2017
Webinar is now available for on-demand viewing.

Presented by:  Peter Wang, Geophysical Technical Advisor; Jay Hollingsworth, CTO Energistics
Featured Domain:  Data Management and Interoperability
Featured Product:  Paradigm® 17



In June 2015, Paradigm® released a revolutionary new plug-in to Petrel*, which exchanges Petrel data to and from an open, non-proprietary, industry-standard file format from Energistics** called RESQML. This capability allows organizations to exchange data between Petrel and any other software which uses the open RESQML standard, such as Paradigm’s Epos® data repository, the SKUA-GOCAD™ integrated modeling and interpretation product suite, or they may use RESQML as a vendor-neutral data archive format.

Energistics-(1).pngParadigm has recently released the next generation of Petrel data exchange tools in the Paradigm® 17 release.  These tools are not file based, but real-time, based on the Energistics® Transfer Protocol (ETP). Using ETP, users can securely broadcast data live between Petrel and Epos®, Paradigm’s database solution. An overview of the Energistics Transfer Protocol (ETP) will be presented during the webinar, followed by a live demonstration.

In addition to the ETP discussion, Paradigm 17 updates to RESQML file-based data exchange will be discussed, including CRS support and 3D grid enhancements, and updates on supported Petrel versions. The non-Energistics Petrel-to-Geolog® data exchange capability will also be reviewed..


Peter-Wang_sm.jpgPeter Wang is a Geophysical Technical Advisor with Paradigm. He has a BS in Geosciences from Brown University, and an MS in Geophysics and MBA from the University of Houston. He has a thirty-year history in the geophysical industry, having also served at Schlumberger as a Principal Geophysicist, Product Champion, and Workflow Champion, and Amoco Production Company (now BP) as a Senior Petroleum Geophysicist onshore USA Gulf Coast and Gabon.

HE29621_Hollingsworth_02-medsmall.jpgJay Hollingsworth is Chief Technology Officer at Energistics.  Jay has a BS in Chemical Engineering at Tulane University in New Orleans, and he attended graduate school in Computer Science at University of Texas in Dallas. He worked as an Environmental and Process Engineer in the field of technical computing, first as a consultant and then for 20 years at Mobil Oil.  After leaving ExxonMobil, worked in Landmark’s data modeling group and at Schlumberger.  In his 10 years at Schlumberger, he was responsible for the data modeling group and was Portfolio manager for the Seabed database technology.

Jay is active in APSG, Energistics, PIDX and PPDM. He is a member of SPE and SEG and previously was a Technical Editor of the SPE Microcomputer Journal. He was a long-time member of the Board of Directors of PPDM and served as past president of APSG..

* a mark of Schlumberger
** Energistics
® is a global, non-profit, membership organization created to serve as a neutral body to facilitate and manage open data, information and process standards for the upstream oil and gas industry.