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Workflows for Interpreters - Advanced Interpretation and Machine Learning Solutions

March 12, 2020


Presented by:  Lorena Guerra, Product Manager for Interpretation, Emerson E&P Software
Featured Domain:  Seismic Interpretation
Featured Product:  Paradigm 19

Live broadcast at 9:00 AM CT



Find out how interpreters can work on a single interpretation platform and still have access to all the specialized technology that used to force them to move to different applications.

Workflows for interpreters are Emerson’s solution to this problePCA_Workflow_outputPCA1_explained-variance_sm.pngm. These are a family of workflows available in the Integrated Canvas (Emerson interpretation platform) that provides access to advanced interpretation functionality.

The workflows use a step-by- step guided interface and have access to common tools like: the parameter testing utility to test multiple options for one single parameter, or the option to chain workflows together so the output of one workflow is automatically used as input for the next.Waveform-classification-map_with-seismic_and_neuron-plot_sm.png

The wide functionality available in workflows for interpreters is sub-grouped into three families:

  • Classification: machine learning technology for seismic facies classification (incorporating technology from Emerson’s well-proven Stratimagic™ application and award winning Democratic Neural Network Association - DNNA™)
  • Subvolume detection: formation sculpting and geobody detection (incorporating technology from Emerson’s well-proven VoxelGeo™ application)
  • Seismic attributes: interval attributes, principal component analysis, spectral decomposition and dip steered enhancement.
All of these technologies are at the interpreter’s fingertips on a single interpretation platform.


Lorena-Guerra_sm.jpgLorena Guerra is a Product Manager for Interpretation at Emerson, with over 20 years of industry experience. Before joining Emerson, she worked as a senior geophysicist for Marathon Oil and as a senior G&G consultant for Landmark Graphics. Lorena has a B.Sc. degree in Geophysical Engineering from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela.