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Paradigm Announces Paradigm 14 Release

The release is a significant step in the company’s goal to deliver advanced science for everyone
(HOUSTON: May 6, 2014) Paradigm® (www.pdgm.com) announces the release of the latest version of its integrated solution suite, Paradigm® 14, to its worldwide user base.  Over 700 new features and enhancements have been added to Paradigm 14, covering the entire upstream workflow – from processing and imaging to interpretation and modeling, reservoir characterization, reservoir engineering and drilling, and data management.
Advanced interactive QSI workflow in a unique 3D canvas with integration of prestack and poststack data, crossplot from reservoir properties attributes and extraction along horizon from a seismic facies volume paired with a detected geobody.
The focus of the Paradigm 14 release is the science and technology that enable effective seismic data processing and imaging, velocity modeling and seismic interpretation. Please visit www.pdgm.com/paradigm14 to learn more about the release.
In this release, significant enhancements were made in the Paradigm processing and imaging solutions, Echos®, GeoDepth® and EarthStudy 360® to deliver high-definition images that enable users to see the smaller features that are important in modern reservoirs. These new capabilities reduce risk by:
  • Overcoming acquisition limitations in seismic surveys by mathematically regularizing sources and sensors into a desirable geometry with 5D data reconstruction
  • Enhancing fracture determination from seismic data with improved full-azimuth imaging and inversion methods
  • Defining geological features more precisely through more accurate velocity determination
The seismic interpretation offering in Paradigm 14 enables more efficient Quantitative Seismic Interpretation workflows so that interpreters are able to qualify amplitude prospects for hydrocarbon detection and identify sweet spots. In this release, SeisEarth® interpreters have access to a wealth of seismic inversion and data analysis functionality within the application. These capabilities benefit users by:
  • Defining rock properties using seismic inversion, seismic facies classification and on-the-fly attribute calculation
  • Identifying potential hydrocarbon locations with AVA inversion and QC of pre-stack seismic data
  • Predicting flow for well planning using full-azimuth fracture orientation and intensity analysis
Wojciech Kobusinski, head of Depth imaging Group at Geofizyka Torun (http://www.gtservices.pl), supervisor of Paradigm seismic processing and imaging solutions in the unconventional drilling segment, said, “At Geofizyka Torun, our objective is to generate highly accurate and detailed seismic images for the shale gas reservoirs where we operate. With Paradigm seismic processing and imaging solutions we are able to extract that detail by building velocity models that honor available geologic data, and by ”localizing” our geophysical operators so that they probe the subsurface. We see the Paradigm 14 release as providing additional technology that will further extend our ability to generate high definition images, giving oil company operators more confidence in their exploration and field development decisions.” 
“Paradigm has long been renowned for the high science and advanced technology of its products,” said Somesh Singh, chief product officer.  “With the Paradigm 14 Release and those that will follow, we are focusing on delivering on our mission of delivering advanced science for everyone by enhancing the user experience with convenient workflows and easier installation, in order to make these best-of-class technologies available to the entire user community.  We are confident that these improvements will enable our customers to obtain more value from their data,  make better decisions and maximize return on their investment.”
Paradigm applications will be featured at EAGE 2014 in Amsterdam, booth #1200, IPA Convention & Exhibition in Jakarta, Indonesia, booth #M6, and Congreso Mexicano del Petróleo in Acapulco de Juárez, booth #225.
To learn more about Paradigm 14, please visit www.pdgm.com/paradigm14.  For more information on Paradigm products and services, please visit www.pdgm.com, or e-mail info@pdgm.com.

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Paradigm (www.pdgm.com) is the largest independent developer of software-enabled solutions to the global oil and gas industry. Paradigm easy-to-use technology and workflows provide customers with deeper insight into the subsurface by combining leading-edge science, high-performance desktop and cluster computing, and scalable data management, delivering highly accurate results and productivity without compromise.
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