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Tricon Geophysics, Inc. Expands Global Licenses for Paradigm Seismic Processing and Imaging Software Solutions

Seismic services firm adds EarthStudy 360 full-azimuth imaging solution to enhance the interpretation value of seismic images
(Houston: April 14, 2014) Paradigm® ( announced today that Tricon Geophysics, Inc., a geophysical, petrophysical, and reservoir services company, has extended its portfolio of Paradigm software solutions.  In addition to expanded access to core Paradigm software offerings, Tricon will leverage the Paradigm EarthStudy 360® full-azimuth angle domain imaging and analysis system to offer its clients asset-targeted seismic imaging and reservoir characterization services for sub-salt and shale resource plays.
Barnett shale and Ellenburger sequence with Karst disruptions. Image obtained from Paradigm EarthStudy 360 imaging and interpretation.
Tricon Geophysics provides services for 3D and 2D seismic imaging, including 3D pre-stack migration.  It is a recognized leader in the process of pre-stack merging of existing 3D volumes. With this agreement, the company has expanded its global corporate license for the entire suite of Paradigm software for seismic processing, imaging and characterization.
“At Tricon, our goal is to provide our oil and gas clients with the most precise subsurface imaging possible,” said John Contino, executive vice president at Tricon Geophysics, Inc. “With advanced 2D and 3D pre-stack and post-stack seismic imaging software from Paradigm, we can enhance the final presentation of seismic lines and volumes for any imaging project and greatly improve our analysis of the subsurface.  Our deployment of EarthStudy 360 will begin in two of our US offices, and we look forward to expanding this activity internationally.”
Paradigm seismic processing and imaging solutions reduce uncertainty and improve reliability through better seismic signal quality, positioning and content. With EarthStudy 360, geoscientists can image, characterize, visualize and interpret the total seismic wavefield in every direction. The first full-azimuth imaging solution in the industry, EarthStudy 360 provides previously unattainable levels of subsurface knowledge to help geoscientists locate reservoirs and optimize development.
“Seismic services companies like Tricon Geophysics see the value of our software solutions in increasing the quality and productivity of their geophysical processing, imaging and characterization activities,” said Duane Dopkin, executive vice president of Geoscience at Paradigm. “We’re confident that their use of EarthStudy 360 will provide Tricon’s customers with unprecedented details of the subsurface, enabling them to make quicker geologic targeting decisions with high degrees of confidence.”
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