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Paradigm to Show High-Productivity, High-Definition Workflows at SEG 2015

Presentations will feature the integrated, HD-enabled Paradigm 15 Release
(HOUSTON: October 6, 2015) Paradigm® ( will showcase the latest innovations in its extensive suite of geological and geophysical software solutions in booth #2808 at the SEG International Exposition and 85th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, to be held October 18-23. Presentations will feature the integrated Paradigm® 15 releases, running on a high-definition platform focused on the extraction, interpretation, and modeling of high-resolution subsurface data to improve well placement accuracy and economics.

The theatre program will offer a range of value-added workflows, including:
  • Accessible Quantitative Seismic Interpretation tools for improved prospect identification and ranking
  • Advances in seismic interpretation and modeling, including depth-to-depth conversion with automated and global well marker mistie analysis and the use of unstructured grids
  • Productivity enhancements in seismic data interpretation and analysis for large data, including a new compression roaming technology
  • Breakthroughs in full-azimuth imaging and interpretation
  • The integration of geophysical and geologic models
The program will also feature special topics in seismic processing and imaging, including high-resolution velocity model updates with full-azimuth tomography, and advances in broadband deghosting for high-resolution imaging and characterization.  For presentation topics, abstracts and other details, please visit the Paradigm SEG 2015 event page.  
Prestack and poststack integration in a single system for interactive Paradigm Quantitative Seismic Interpretation
“Exploration geoscientists must operate with unprecedented levels of operational efficiency without compromising data integrity and quality during this current oil and gas market contraction,” said Duane Dopkin, executive vice president of Geoscience for Paradigm.  “This SEG will highlight how geoscience and computer science technologies converge to meet these objectives, for both oil and service company geoscientists operating in a diversity of oil and gas assets and reservoirs.”  

Paradigm Subject Matter Experts will be available for one-on-one demonstrations of specific workflows and software applications. Visitors are invited to take part in the company’s popular main theatre Lunch & Learn sessions, to be held on Monday and Tuesday (October 19-20) at 12:15. Space is limited, so please register now.

Paradigm geoscientists will be delivering technical papers in multiple sessions of the SEG Technical Program.  Details about names, sessions and times can be found on the Paradigm SEG 2015 event page.
For more information on Paradigm products and services, please visit, or e-mail
About Paradigm®
Paradigm ( is the largest independent developer of software-enabled solutions to the global oil and gas industry. Paradigm easy-to-use technology and workflows provide customers with deeper insight into the subsurface by combining leading-edge science, high-performance desktop and cluster computing, and scalable data management, delivering highly accurate results and productivity without compromise.
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