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Fugro Adopts Paradigm SKUA Technology

The subsurface modeling suite will speed and improve the accuracy of subsalt analysis in Fugro’s Gulf of Mexico projects

(AMSTERDAM:  August 21, 2012) Paradigm™ ( announced today that Fugro Seismic Imaging has adopted Paradigm SKUA®, for modeling of salt bodies and velocity fields. Fugro will use the SKUA technology to build detailed velocity models in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere including models with complex salt structures.  SKUA is an industry-leading 3D modeling technology that unifies discrete subsurface models in a stand-alone application.
SKUA model with complex salt structuresRecent advances in velocity model building and depth imaging have provided a better understanding of complex subsalt plays. Using SKUA, Fugro will be able to optimize the integrity and complexity of the salt structures in the seismic image, providing a fast and seamless workflow to update a salt model and secure more accurate and reliable velocity models for seismic imaging. The wide range of powerful yet easy-to-use velocity modeling methods offered by SKUA also enable more accurate, efficient and productive time-to-depth conversion. Fugro geophysicists will also benefit from improved productivity and faster project execution.
“With SKUA, we can build detailed velocity models more quickly in areas such as the Gulf of Mexico, while providing details that were not achievable with prior technologies,” said Steve Cole, chief geophysicist for Fugro Seismic Imaging. “Accurate depth mapping below salt is one example of the benefits of SKUA and is vital for the assessment of potential oil and gas prospects.”
“We believe that the accurate modeling of salt structures should not be a barrier to challenging project timelines,” said Duane Dopkin, executive vice president for Technology at Paradigm. “SKUA’s capacity to properly handle salt-sediment interfaces, fault-sediment interfaces, and to incorporate stratigraphic velocity detail provides geophysicists a tool to generate 'sealed' velocity models for both exploration and development with substantive improvements in turnaround time.”
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