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Multiple Point Simulation Module Integrated in Paradigm SKUA

New facies modeling solution overcomes computational limitations of conventional methods

(AMSTERDAM: March 29, 2011) Paradigm ( has integrated the 3D multiple point statistics simulation module based on Ephesia’s IMPALA algorithm in the latest version of Paradigm™ SKUA®. This module complements the large selection of geostatistical and analytical capabilities of the SKUA Reservoir Module, and leverages the uncompromising, stratigraphically-consistent geological grids made possible by the patented UVT transform.  Some of the key benefits of this new-generation facies modeling solution include:
  • Enhanced memory usage
  • Performance enhancements through the efficient use of multiple processors
  • Direct operations on Paradigm’s SKUA grids for more accurate facies modeling
“IMPALA is a complementary and valuable addition to our current and extensive suite of algorithms, providing users the flexibility and choices necessary to construct geologically realistic reservoir models,” said Emmanuel Gringarten, Paradigm Solution Manager for Reservoir Modeling and Engineering.

Multiple Point Simulation Module Integrated in Paradigm SKUASKUA with IMPALA’s multiple point simulation enables a reliable and accurate description of the subsurface. Both technologies efficiently take advantage of the multicore processing units available on today’s Windows or Linux desktops. Paradigm also offers various tools to facilitate the construction of training images derived from 3D conceptual models, satellite images, seismic data, or stochastically simulated object-based models.

“Multiple point statistics simulation is becoming a standard for facies modeling and Impala offers an exciting new algorithm which overcomes the limitations of previous implementations in terms of memory requirements and speed,” said Roland Froidevaux, director of consulting at Ephesia Consult SA. “By integrating IMPALA with SKUA, geologists can efficiently create reservoir models that conform to the original geological depositional setting while honoring all known structural and stratigraphic constraints.”
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