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Paradigm and Petrosys to Collaborate in the Development of Petrosys Connectors

The connectors to the Paradigm Epos infrastructure will allow Petrosys users to directly access data in Epos.

(GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands: August 17, 2010) Paradigm (, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions to the global oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) industry, announced today its agreement with Petrosys, a premier provider of mapping software to the E&P community, to develop Petrosys connectors to the Paradigm Epos® infrastructure that will enable an effective integration of Epos repository data with the Petrosys mapping solutions. Petrosys will develop and maintain the links, which will be built using the Epos OpenGeo® programming toolkit.
“Integration with Paradigm Epos infrastructure will further strengthen the Petrosys application connectivity,” said Volker Hirsinger, managing director at Petrosys. “Petrosys is globally recognized for its effective integration to a vast array of information sources and disciplines. The integration with Epos will provide our shared client base with even more options throughout the life cycle of projects for the latest and most relevant information to be summarised in industry leading geotechnically focused maps, grids and volume estimates.”
The cross-vendor interoperability offered by the Petrosys connectors complements  Paradigm workflows that enable geoscientists to seamlessly apply advanced software solutions on data across the Paradigm integrated, multidisciplinary integration framework. The OpenGeo programming toolkit makes it possible to extend workflows to include solutions from multiple vendors.
“Petrosys’ customer-driven decision to provide direct connectivity to the Paradigm Epos data repository is a reflection of the growth of Epos as a repository of choice for our customers who leverage our next generation solutions for exploration and development activities,” said Duane Dopkin, senior vice president of technology at Paradigm. “The integration between Paradigm and Petrosys will improve productivity and expand the options available to our customers for presentation quality mapping of Epos data and further demonstrates our commitment to openness and cross-vendor connectivity.”
A medium term program for Paradigm implementation is a core part of the Petrosys development roadmap. The early access integration functionality is expected to be available late this year.
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Paradigm Ltd. ( and its affiliates are industry leaders in digital subsurface asset management, serving oil and gas companies worldwide. Paradigm technology solutions for seismic processing and imaging, interpretation and modeling, reservoir characterization and petrophysics, and well planning and drilling operate in an open environment to accelerate results. Paradigm has a global network of sales, consulting and support.

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Petrosys ( is the industry leader in mapping, surface-modeling and data-management software solutions integrated with a range of exploration, production and GIS data sources. The Petrosys® product suite produces high quality maps and manages, edits, and analyses the underlying data, including the specialized seismic, well and other information used in the quest for oil and gas. Geoscience professionals, data managers and engineers at more than 250 sites worldwide use the Petrosys suite as a natural tool for basin and field interpretation, as a central solution in enterprise data management and to help make better decisions.