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Paradigm and Volant Solutions Announce Adapters for Epos Infrastructure

The adapters to the Paradigm Epos repository will enable Volant users to directly access data in Epos.

(AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: September 19, 2011) Paradigm( announced its agreement with Volant Solutions ( regarding the development of a commercial EnerConnect™ adapter to the Paradigm™ Epos® infrastructure for effective integration between multi-vendor software solutions. The link has been developed using the Epos OpenGeo® programming toolkit to support versions 3 and 4 of the Epos infrastructure and will be licensed and maintained by Volant. The announcement was made at the 2011 SEG International Exposition and 81st Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX.
“This agreement with Paradigm will enable Volant to provide their current and future customers with the additional capability of moving data to and from Paradigm applications via Volant’s new EnerConnect Paradigm Adapter,” said Scott Schneider, President and CEO of Volant. “The richness and comprehensiveness of the Epos toolkit has enabled Volant to efficiently develop and deliver an adapter that supports the exchange, both read and write, of key geologic data types, such as well header, formation tops, well logs, directional surveys and checkshot surveys. Additionally, the Epos toolkit provided Volant with an opportunity to extend the EnerConnect platform to support the exchange of seismic interpretation data types, such as horizons, faults and grids.”
This collaboration increases the multi-vendor software interconnection offerings available to Paradigm software customers, thus expanding the options available to connect different data sources to Epos. The OpenGeo programming toolkit makes it possible to extend workflows to include solutions from multiple vendors. As a result of this collaboration, Paradigm customers will have the option to access the EnerConnect platform as a “mechanism” for defining, managing and orchestrating client-specific business processes relevant to integrated geoscience databases and applications.
“The agreement with Volant Solutions provides our Epos customers with additional interoperability capabilities, further facilitating data exchange by our users,” said Duane Dopkin, Paradigm executive vice president of Technology. “The integration between Paradigm and the Volant Solutions data management and connectivity offerings further demonstrates our commitment to openness.”
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About Paradigm
Paradigm ( is the largest multi-national software company exclusively focused on the delivery of analytical and information management solutions for the discovery and extraction of subsurface natural resources. Serving the oil & gas and mining industries since 1987, Paradigm, with its 700 employees, operates globally via its 31 client service, technology and administrative facilities located in 27 countries.
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About Volant Solutions
Volant Solutions ( offers an innovative approach to address the challenges of managing and accessing ever-increasing quantities of scattered geotechnical data. Focused on the Upstream Energy marketplace, Volant is an independent software vendor with significant experience developing and delivering software solutions that automate and integrate technical data, applications and work flow processes. Volant's EnerConnect product is the solution of choice of numerous industry leading Upstream Oil & Gas companies to integrate their key geoscience databases and applications.