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Paradigm Introduces New Open and Integrated Platform at SEG 2013

New solution further integrates Paradigm applications, interconnects to third parties, and introduces an open database

(HOUSTON: September 23, 2013) Paradigm® (www.pdgm.com) unveiled Paradigm® Epic, an open and integrated platform included in the Paradigm 2014 release. The announcement was made today at the Paradigm Media Event at the SEG 83rd Annual Meeting & Exposition.  In addition to Epic, Paradigm 2014 presents game-changing workflows for full-azimuth imaging, tomography, formation evaluation, facies analysis, and modeling.  Paradigm Epic will be released in stages, beginning with the infrastructure that will unify Paradigm’s suite of applications into a single integrated console, scheduled for release this year.  Connectors to third-party platforms such as Petrel®, JavaSeis and ArcGIS®, will also become available in 2013 and early 2014, augmenting pre-existing connections into OpenWorks®, GeoFrame® and OpenSpirit®.
Structural data, pre-stack and post-stack, crossplot, maps and GeoTIFFs visualized on the open and integrated Epic platform
Structural data, pre-stack and post-stack, crossplot, maps and GeoTIFFs visualized on the open and integrated Epic platform.
Paradigm applications are already integrated at the database level through the Epos® infrastructure. Epic will add a common user interface to this integration, reducing the learning curve between applications, and making information shareable in real time.  The ability to create custom workflow templates for common geoscientific procedures will help bring advanced science to everyone, as generalist users will now be able to work with advanced workflows that previously required specialized expertise. 
The new platform ensures unprecedented interconnectivity among third-party applications.  Developers will be able to integrate their applications into Epic royalty-free, using either an application-level plug-in or through the underlying Epos database.  Developers connecting into the platform will be free to build similar plug-ins for any other vendor.
“This is the first time that users will be able to select specific applications from Paradigm to connect into their existing primary platform,” said Duane Dopkin, executive vice-president of Technology at Paradigm. “No longer will they have to compromise on “good enough” solutions in order to enjoy efficient product integration and multi-disciplinary collaboration.  By enabling the use of Paradigm best-of-breed applications with existing third-party solutions, we will be closer than ever to making our advanced science available to everyone.”
Paradigm Epic – The new open and integrated platform
Paradigm Epic – The new open and integrated platform
The new architecture will support the first truly open database for E&P data. By conforming to modern, platform-neutral standards, Paradigm Epic will allow customers to use applications of their choosing, while maintaining a single data management infrastructure. This will simplify long-term data storage, project management, authoritative version management, data governance and knowledge management. 
Conference attendees are invited to join Paradigm at Booth #2842 for live software demonstration of the Paradigm 2014 technology.  For more information on Paradigm’s presence at SEG, please visit www.pdgm.com, or e-mail info@pdgm.com. For more information on Paradigm products and services, please visit www.pdgm.com, or e-mail info@pdgm.com.  

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