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Paradigm Launches its Largest Synchronized Release

The company debuts Paradigm 2011, its most comprehensive E&P solution, airing a virtual launch event at and hosting a live launch event at 2011 SEG in San Antonio.

(AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: September 20, 2011) Paradigm ( chief executive officer, Eldad Weiss, today formally introduced the Paradigm 2011 release as part of a virtual online launch event on the company website and during the public launch event at the 2011 SEG International Exposition and 81st Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX. The Paradigm 2011 release is the culmination of years of research and development and is the largest synchronized release of exploration, development, and production technology in the company’s history.  The release carries the signature of “innovation” that the industry has come to expect from Paradigm with new “game-changing” technologies that redefine the way geoscientists and engineers interact with data.

Paradigm 2011We know that our customers’ challenge is the need to deploy new technologies to address the increasing complexity of their E&P assets, and to ensure that their geoscientists and engineers can rapidly put these  innovations to work. This new release is designed to deliver beyond their expectations on these requirements,” said Paradigm CEO Eldad Weiss, “We have engineered a unified application suite operable on Windows or Linux, or both, and we have worked aggressively to create intuitive user interface and streamlined data management capabilities to make Paradigm 2011 easy to learn and use, highly efficient to deploy, and second-to-none in terms of science and technology. Our customers no longer need to choose between simplistic Windows base solution or robust Linux based software, Paradigm delivers intuitive, easy-to-use  and highly capable solutions on both operating platforms.”

“Building on this flexibility in deployment,” said Duane Dopkin, Paradigm’s executive vice president of technology, “we are also pleased with the continued focus of this release on readily scaling to the diversities in project area, data volumes, company size, number of users, and types of exploration and development assets and workflow objectives. We believe this release is a huge step forward for our global customer base in improving their core business.”
In addition to the introduction of a rich set of geoscience and engineering applications, this release enhances multi-disciplinary processes, enabled and strengthened by expanded data integration, an intuitive user interface, ergonomic design, and performance enhancements enabled by the increased use of multiple cores (CPU and GPU). The release also expands Windows® 7 platform support to Paradigm’s full interpretation suite.
Further information on Paradigm 2011 is available at Visit the Paradigm 2011 Facebook page for latest news and updates on the release.
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Paradigm ( is the largest multi-national software company exclusively focused on the delivery of analytical and information management solutions for the discovery and extraction of subsurface natural resources. Serving the oil & gas and mining industries since 1987, Paradigm, with its 700 employees, operates globally via its 31 client service, technology and administrative facilities located in 27 countries.
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