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Paradigm Strengthens Relationship with Spectrum

Spectrum selects the Paradigm Echos suite for seismic processing and imaging across its global operations

(AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: October 20, 2011) Paradigm ( announced today that Spectrum ( has selected the Paradigm Echos™ software suite as its corporate standard for carrying out seismic processing and imaging projects.  The Echos suite provides Spectrum with the necessary tools to support baseline and advanced processing workflows, while embracing Spectrum’s proprietary solutions. Echos is the industry’s leading seismic processing system for generating 2D and 3D seismic images of the subsurface.

“This strategic purchase will allow Spectrum to further upgrade its data library through selected reprocessing of the recently acquired 500,000 km of Marine 2D data,” said Spectrum COO, Jan Schoolmeesters. “In addition, numerous new surveys are planned for 2012 that require the efficiency gains and technology solutions provided by the Echos software, so we are looking forward to demonstrating the full potential of this latest enhancement.”
The procurement provides Spectrum access to a full commercial offering of Paradigm seismic processing, velocity analysis and imaging solutions. When used collectively with Paradigm’s industry leading depth imaging suite (Paradigm GeoDepth®), also licensed by Spectrum, Spectrum geoscientists can more effectively enhance and integrate the activities of its marine acquisition crews with its worldwide data processing centers for better results and expanded workflows. With the versatility of the Echos programming development kit, Spectrum will also be able to integrate its proprietary technology into seismic processing workflows.

“Paradigm is delighted to strengthen the existing collaboration with Spectrum in its many operational locations. The Paradigm Echos suite coupled with Spectrum’s deep technical expertise and state-of-the-art processes will ensure an improved turnaround of data processing projects and superior results for the benefit of their global customer base,” said Morris Hasting, Paradigm’s vice president for North America. “Paradigm looks forward to serving Spectrum’s growth and success.”

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