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Paradigm to Redefine Geological Interpretation at AAPG

Paradigm technical demonstrations to feature innovative technologies and workflows included in the upcoming Paradigm 2011 release

(AMSTERDAM: March 24, 2011) Paradigm™ ( will preview new exploration and development technologies and workflows that will be included in its upcoming Paradigm™ 2011 release, at the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Annual Convention and Exhibition in Houston, TX, April 10 – 13. Conference attendees are invited to join Paradigm at booth 1426 for live technical demonstrations with subject specialists.

The Paradigm AAPG technical program will reinforce a central theme of “Redefining Geological Interpretation” and will incorporate workflows for fault seal assessment, reservoir characterization and production data analysis, well log correlation, seismic induced stress determination of a gas shale play, and stratigraphic feature delineation with 3D seismic-flattening and new voxel-visualization technology. In addition, Paradigm will preview its next generation formation evaluation software to be delivered in the upcoming version of Paradigm™ Geolog®, as well as the next generation of 3D geologic restoration and 4D basin modeling inside Paradigm™ SKUA®.

Gas shale play“We are demonstrating the foundation of next generation solutions in geomodeling, formation evaluation, geologic, engineering and seismic interpretation,” said Jean Claude Dulac, chief technology officer of Interpretation and Modeling. “We believe the quality and performance enhancements achieved with these solutions will have a huge impact on oil companies’ assets and exploration and development programs.

At AAPG, Paradigm will also introduce its seismic interpretation and characterization offering on the Microsoft® Windows 7 platform, joining forces with a broad suite of modeling and formation evaluation software from Paradigm currently running on the Windows platform. “We are pleased to provide our customers with the opportunity to run these full featured and broad geoscience workflows on Windows platforms,” said Duane Dopkin, executive vice president of technology. “In addition to the application benefits, our customers will be able to take advantage of a rich data management solution (Paradigm™ Epos®) to manage their petro-technical data in a Windows environment.”
AAPG attendees can view 20-minute live software demonstrations presented by technical specialists starting at 9:15 AM CST on Monday, and 9:00 AM CST on Tuesday and Wednesday. Technical experts will also be available to answer questions regarding the company’s technology offering and its potential applications. Interested parties may also get one-on-one presentations for a more in-depth look at specific workflows or software solutions. Advanced registration is recommended for extended Breakfast and Lunch & Learn presentations featuring Paradigm’s latest innovations.  
Paradigm will also be active members at the AAPG technical program, with technical poster presentation “Using seismic facies to constrain electrofacies distribution as an approach to reduce spatial uncertainties and improve reservoir volume estimation,” on Wednesday, April 13.
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