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Seitel, Inc. Selects Paradigm EarthStudy 360

Seitel licenses a revolutionary new process for wide and rich azimuth seismic imaging and characterization.

 (AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: September 30, 2011) Paradigm ( announced today that Seitel, Inc. ( has commercially licensed the Paradigm EarthStudy 360® technology, the full azimuth and full wavefield exploration and development solution, to greatly enrich its seismic offerings to the oil and gas industry. With this innovative technology, Seitel will be able to offer its customers a new set of seismic image deliverables. EarthStudy 360 is the industry’s only system able to construct seismic images from continuous azimuth data in-situ and in depth.

EarthStudy 360 is designed to generate a comprehensive set of data, information and deliverables with unprecedented subsurface information derived from the seismic method related to reservoir position, reservoir character, and reservoir properties. EarthStudy 360 is particularly adaptable and effective to the unconventional shale resource plays, where stress orientations and fracture intensity has a direct impact on drilling programs.
”Having reviewed other technologies, we recognized that EarthStudy 360 allows us to offer our customers the very best analysis tools, in particular, in the shale resource plays,” said Richard Kelvin, senior vice president of seismic data processing at Seitel.

“EarthStudy 360’s ability to properly image and analyze subsurface seismic azimuth is a huge step forward for the seismic method. As extensions to our GeoDepth® and Echos product lines, EarthStudy 360 reinforces Paradigm’s commitment to leadership in the area of seismic data processing and imaging,” said Duane Dopkin, executive vice president of technology at Paradigm. “We are pleased to see Seitel adopt the EarthStudy 360 technology for its shale resource plays and other seismic assets”.

EarthStudy 360 has successfully undergone full-scale studies and demonstrated superior results in a number of geological and structural environments. The rich information from all angles and azimuths significantly reduces uncertainty and ensures more reliable data analysis.

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Seitel, Inc. ( is a leading provider of seismic data and related geophysical expertise to the petroleum industry providing high quality seismic data in the onshore, offshore and transition zones of the US, Gulf of Mexico and Canada.