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RESQML Data Transfer

The RESQML data transfer tool enables the import and export of RESQML files independent of application or platform, and provides a method for exchanging data via an ETP server such as Epos™.



User interface showing RESQML import of trajectories

RESQML is an industry-developed, vendor-neutral format that facilitates data exchange among the many software applications used throughout the E&P subsurface workflow. The tool helps promote interoperability and data integrity among these applications and improves workflow efficiency.

RESQML data transfers in RMS are:

  • Service (ETP) 
  • File-based (.epc files).

Users can connect and exchange data with any ETP compliant server without having to create intermediate files. This enables RMS to integrate into the Epos environment.

Interoperability with applications outside Epos is done via import and export of RESQML files (.epc).

RESQML 2.0.1 standard format is used to transfer data between RMS and other Emerson applications or third-party applications. See diagram below:


Data Types Supported

Data Type Data Subtype Transfer Capabilties Emerson Applications
Well data Wellhead, trajectory, logs (continu-ous and discrete), picks/markers Import + Export Epos, SKUA-GOCAD™, Geolog™ (via Epos)
Interpretation data Horizon/fault picks, surfaces, T-surfaces*, lines/polygons (fault sticks) Import + Export Epos, SKUA-GOCAD
Regular 2D data Surfaces, 2D grids Import + Export Epos, SKUA-GOCAD
3D grids Corner point grid only, grid proper-ties – continuous and discrete only Import + Export SKUA-GOCAD