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Seismic Propagator

The best automatic horizon tracker in the industry.

The powerful and popular automatic horizon tracker Seismic Propagator offers an optimal mix of automation and control to the user. Based on technology patented by Total and operating on both 3D volumes and 2D sections, the Propagator waveform tracking algorithm produces accurate results quickly, with no need for extensive user editing. The unrivalled tracking speed and precision of the tool result in a major acceleration of the interpretation process. 

Seismic Propagator benefits 

  • Greatly reduced button clicks, for better ergonomics.
  • Can work at regional scale from disk, or prospect scale from memory, for unprecedented flexibility.
  • Enables enhanced user control, especially in geologically challenging areas where other autotrackers fail.
  • Sub-sample precision provides the highest quality event tracking, enabling the delineation of even the most subtle depositional features, as required in today’s competitive E&P market. 

Seismic Propagator features

  • Sub-sample precision: Seed points are extended into picked regions by correlating trace shape and then propagating along the path of highest correlation, rather than enforcing a systematic, grid-based progression.
  • Paintbrush-style interactive picking, erasing and interpolation: Provides ultimate user control over the region being interpreted.
  • Manual or automatic horizon picking: The mixture of automation and interactivity frees the interpreter from picking every trace, without yielding control over the interpretive process.
  • Multiple inclusion and exclusion polygons
  • Picking of non-zero mean data, such as impedance or pore pressure volumes
  • Doublets: Track upper or lower for events that have merged
  • Pick validation: Test reverse propagation per pick for bad signal areas when using low threshold
  • User-friendly editing tools, including heredity erase, which allows users to trace the heredity path from any picked point back to its seed
  • Threshold process: For automatic editing of picked horizons
  • Edge mode: Once regions have been grown from seeds, picking can continue in Edge mode, which extends the regions using all interpretations for seeds.
  • Use of horizons and faults as barriers to propagation
  • Propagator attributes that show the progression of propagation and pick quality
  • QC attributes are generated on-the-fly when propagating horizons