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Sysdrill Designer

Powerful, integrated well design.

The powerful Sysdrill™ Designer well planning tool is fully embedded within SeisEarth™. An integral part of Emerson E&P software well planning solutions, this integrated application allows geoscientists to quickly produce well designs after targets have been interactively selected, and display them in 3D view, together with geological data. Geological well targets can be defined and edited, and well paths can be constructed, controlled by pre-defined drilling constraints.

Through its integration with SeisEarth, Sysdrill Designer enjoys the advanced data management features of the Epos™ infrastructure, including the rapid selection and loading of large data sets.

With a strong emphasis on planning drillable wells, Sysdrill Designer can be used by geoscientists to plan from a single exploration well up to full field development wells in time or depth migrated domains. The result is improved collaboration across disciplines and shorter well planning cycle times. 

Sysdrill Designer benefits

  • Multiple target picking and automated well planning enable rapid well design.
  • Pre-defined drilling constraints reduce well planning cycle times.
  • Control inclination and direction at target optimizes entry into the reservoir.
  • Co-visualization of drilling and subsurface seismic data helps validate well designs.
  • Platform and slot support enables rapid field development scenario planning.

Sysdrill Designer features

  • Global coordinate systems
  • Fully interactive well planning and display in SeisEarth 3D Canvas
  • Support for time migrated and depth domains
  • Graphical interaction and manipulation of targets
  • Automatic well path calculation for single or multiple targets
  • Easy-to-use, editable well path design
  • Validation of well design against predefined drilling constraints
  • Support for platforms and slots
  • Graphical interaction and manipulation of platforms
  • Support for development, appraisal, multi-lateral and sidetrack wells
  • Data export in common formats for use by third-party planning solutions
  • Data update between SeisEarth windows
  • Platform positioning optimization
  • Connectivity with Epos infrastructure