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Seismic Attributes

Not all attributes are born equal.


The comprehensive Emerson E&P Software collection of traditional and innovative seismic attributes provides tremendous subsurface imaging power by improving the seismic response to specific subsurface or reservoir conditions. Seismic attributes provide the seismic interpreter with new images that can enhance both the physical and geometric descriptions of the subsurface.

Geometric attributes help define the structural and stratigraphic framework of the seismic interpretation, while physical attributes may be useful as direct hydrocarbon or lithologic indicators.

Seismic Attributes benefits

  •  A rich set of geometric and physical attributes directly impacts all interpretation projects.
  • Fast computation (GPU/multi-CPU) and immediate system access to SeisEarth.
  • Multi-attribute volume visualization in SeisEarth facilitates attribute correlations.
  • Image processing (voxel opacity) with attribute transformations enables the most advanced subsurface illuminations.
  • Workflows incorporate automatic fault extraction and propagation.
  • On-the-fly calculation option for immediate attribute analysis
  • Versatile and powerful user defined attribute calculator for endless customized attribute options

Seismic Attributes features

  • Over twenty different seismic attributes computed from the “complex” seismic trace, used routinely to enhance both the physical and geometric description of the subsurface.  Depth/Time/Depth conversion is available for those attributes which must be processed in the time domain.
  • The Trace Processing attribute for simple poststack processing to be performed in a sequence. The user can choose from multiple options: filters, scaling, phase rotation, despiking, spectral balance, Automatic Gain Control, bulk shift and the full suite of complex trace attributes.
  • Structural attributes, including four geometric properties that highlight the lateral relationships in seismic data - dip, azimuth, continuity and Lightscape™ (a transformation for "illuminating" the subsurface).
  • A dip steered enhancement designed to enhance seismic quality, eliminating noise by applying a 3D dip smoothing filter.
  • Spectral decomposition attributes, designed to highlight geologic characteristics that respond differently to different frequency ranges of the seismic signal.  Ideal for analyzing channels, thin beds, and other subsurface features.
  • Eleven Curvature attributes, including Major Principal Curvature, Minor Principal Curvature, Most Positive Curvature and Most Negative Curvature - to detect small-scale changes in reflector curvature corresponding to folds, faults and fractures.
  • User-defined attribute allows use of a calculator to specify formulas for creating new attributes.
  • Coherence Cube: Patented, industry-leading technology used to extract structural and stratigraphic features from seismic data volumes. Multiple methods are available for image enhancement.
  • Automatic Fault Extraction (AFE): Automates and enhances the process of identifying, extracting and modeling geologic discontinuities.
  • Seismic pore pressure:  Workflow guided application to calculate pressure volumes from seismic interval velocities.
  • Seismic attribute analysis in SKUA-GOCAD™ modeling suite.

* Coherence Cube is a registered trademark of Core Labs.