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Better field development through true collaboration and geological integrity.


From simple to complex: 20 years of high-quality subsurface modeling

Build accurate reservoir models using volumetric interpretation of seismic
Paradigm® GOCAD® has led the industry for over 20 years in providing the most advanced capabilities for seismic, geological and reservoir modeling.  In 2013, GOCAD merged with Paradigm SKUA®, to create the most technologically advanced modeling application on the market. 

The SKUA-GOCAD™ integrated product suite is now available either as a standalone configuration or running on Paradigm Epos®. Projects from both GOCAD and SKUA can be loaded into the SKUA-GOCAD application, and SKUA and GOCAD workflows can be shared.


Accurate structural models

SKUA-GOCAD is a huge leap forward in geologic characterization. Geoscientists can use it to incorporate difficult model structures, multi-z surfaces, and complex faults such as salt dome, overthrust and reverse faults. With a simple-to-use, workflow-based interface, users can obtain results quickly, and when the modeling gets tough, SKUA-GOCAD can handle complexities that other solutions cannot.

A new approach to an old problem

Based on the proprietary UVT Transform® algorithm, SKUA-GOCAD reduces modeling times from months to days. The integration of all interpretation results with the Paradigm Global Interpretation solution exponentially increases stratigraphic and reservoir model accuracy, while SKUA flow simulation grids provide optimal reservoir grids for the computation of flow.


A Common Earth Model to meet your team’s common goals

From seismic to flow simulation, the Paradigm SKUA Common Earth Model provides consistent, discipline-specific views of the subsurface. Well, seismic, micro-seismic, production, geology, and trend data are all integrated with the earth model.

The collaborative environment ensures that everyone involved has access to the full interpretation of the earth, with no unwarranted simplification. Your team can investigate multiple, traceable scenarios and create a historical data trail that will allow them to trace models back through different iterations. They can then view and manipulate data anywhere along the path while creating highly accurate models of the subsurface.


Modeling is at the core of prospect generation and reservoir optimization

SKUA-GOCAD bridges the gap between interpretation and simulation through:

  • Seismic interpretation and reservoir simulation workflows
  • Interpretative structural and geological modeling
  • Population of models with rock properties and reservoir characteristics
  • Reservoir gridding/upscaling for dynamic simulation
  • Integration and interpretation of data from all available sources, including familiar databases and formats from OpenWorks®, GeoFrame®, ASCII, LAS, and SEG-Y
  • Risk analysis that captures and integrates the source of uncertainties at every level of the value chain (geometry, static and dynamic properties)


  • SKUA provides a common workspace for easy collaboration and data sharing
  • SKUA models more accurately resemble your reservoir because no data is left out and no interpretation is simplified
  • The integration of all interpretation results with the SKUA Global Interpretation solution exponentially increases stratigraphic and reservoir model accuracy
  • With built-in data sharing, multiple scenario processing and audit trail, SKUA improves E&P workflows, reduces study time, and creates the industry’s most accurate models for planning and forecasting.

Take what you like, leave the rest

The SKUA-GOCAD product suite consists of a variety of modules that can be used either as standalone applications or connected to the Paradigm Epos database. Start with the core module, then add discipline and process specific modules to create a customized solution that meets your specific needs..

Click on the links below to learn more about the specific products available within the SKUA-GOCAD solution suite, or check out our discipline-specific solutions for geophysicists, geologists, reservoir modelers, and reservoir engineers

SKUA-GOCAD product modules:

SKUA-GOCAD discipline-based solutions:


IT and developers love SKUA-GOCAD

Whether your company is large or small, the Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD Software Development Kit enables your developers to create the exact plug-in, program, or solution you need. Add custom functionalities or use the underlying SKUA-GOCAD algorithms in a different user interface or application. SKUA-GOCAD runs inside or outside of the Paradigm Epos framework, allowing you to select the exact configuration to meet your company’s unique modeling goals.


System Requirements

Interoperability Options
All Epos®-based applications enable interoperability with third-party data stores, including:

  • RESQML 2.0.1
  • OpenWorks® R5000.10
  • GeoFrame® 2012
  • Petrel* 2019 & 2018
  • Recall™ 5.4.2
(*is a mark of Schlumberger )