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SKUA Fault Seal

Trap validation. 

SKUA™ fault seal analysis is a direct output of the construction of a SKUA stratigraphic model.  Additional stratigraphic details can be defined through facies interpretation and modeling. SKUA fault seal analysis tools include fault displacement maps, fault juxtaposition and smear gouge ratio computation, and weighted smear gouge computation.

SKUA Fault Seal Analysis features:

  • SKUA computes fault displacement from the UVT information computed from all the information provided to the modeling.
  • SKUA UVT Transform includes all the paleo-data points and their properties, juxtaposed to a point in geologic time. This enables the proper computation of the smear potential, as the weighted smear potential takes into account the maximum smearing distance.
  • By combining SKUA uncertainty, which modifies both faults and horizons and therefore juxtaposition, and SKUA facies modeling, a complete uncertainty analysis of fault juxtaposition can be performed.
  • SKUA SGR information can be transformed into a transmissibility coefficient to study flow barrier potential.