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SKUA-GOCAD Well Correlation

The first step in constructing a stratigraphic model.

SKUA-GOCAD™ well correlation offers comprehensive tools for correlating, displaying and interpreting well information in many different tracks (logs, intervals, facies, stratigraphy, sequence, schematics, images, etc.).  The main goal of SKUA-GOCAD correlation is to construct the correct well stratigraphy and manage different well marker stratigraphy scenarios to pass on to SKUA-GOCAD modeling.  But SKUA-GOCAD well sections and cross sections are also important in many other workflows, such as facies interpretation and perforation/production QC.

SKUA-GOCAD correlation tools include ghosting of one or many log curves, easy insertion of markers and automatic correlations, interactive facies interpretation, and stratigraphic sequence interpretation.

Other SKUA-GOCAD well correlation features:

  • Display of well information along multiple tracks (log, scale, markers, sequence stratigraphy, image, stratigraphic and chronostratigraphic columns, annotations, schematic, seismic, intervals) either on traditional vertical well sections or on projected wells in a cross section
  • Automatic creation of elevation, thickness, and net-to-gross maps inside the correlation window
  • Management of multi-scenario correlations
  • Integration of production data into the log display and production maps
  • Drawing of geological conceptual cross section