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SKUA-GOCAD Reservoir Uncertainty

The leading tool for assessing uncertainty in hydrocarbon reservoirs.


The SKUA-GOCAD™ Reservoir Uncertainty (Jacta®)* system is the industry’s leading tool for quantifying uncertainty in the position and volume of hydrocarbon plays. Designed to integrate all sources of uncertainty, the system guides users through all the stages of constructing full 3D reservoir models.  The results are multiple valid alternatives that can be ranked and exported to commercial flow simulators, summarized for optimal appraisal or infill target identifications, or used to reliably inform traditional Monte Carlo-based economic assessment applications.

* Developed in collaboration with Total

Reservoir Uncertainty benefits:

  • Integrate all subsurface uncertainties and understand how they impact reservoir management decisions.
  • Identify the most important reservoir parameters so you can focus resources on relevant issues and maintain the right level of technical detail, saving time and money.
  • Understand the effects of uncertainty on the position of your reservoir structure due to time-to-depth conversion uncertainty, seismic resolution and interpretation bias.
  • Consider uncertainty in the well data (which can be quantified with Geolog™ Uncertainty) used to constrain the reservoir model, their interpretation and the parameters derived from them, because they are often the largest contributors to overall uncertainty.
  • Quantify the uncertainty in not only in-place volumes but also in recoverable volumes.
  • Enhance confidence in your resource estimates through a systematic workflow that ensures that all elements contributing to the estimates have been analyzed and integrated.
  • Efficiently investigate many alternatives through a combination of scenarios and stochastic simulations.

Reservoir Uncertainty features:

Reservoir uncertainty workflow - an integrated display of results.
  • User-friendly workflow: Guides both experienced and novice users in a step-by-step approach to constructing reservoir models. Uncertainty is everywhere and can be specified on all elements contributing to model construction (structure, lithology, petrophysical content, fluid contacts and saturation, PVT).
  • No rock left unturned: Uncertainty can be specified on all input data and parameters used to construct the models.
  • High-performance reservoir risk assessment (JACTA Cluster): Computer clusters can efficiently generate many possible reservoir models.
  • Identification of key uncertainty: Tornado charts provide a visual ranking of parameter variability responses that can be used to identify which would benefit from more rigorous attention.
  • Representative model selection: Tools for ranking the large number of models generated and selecting a few that best represent the uncertainty in hydrocarbon volumes.
  • Uncertainty cube: Results of multiple realizations are summarized in both 2D and 3D, yielding hydrocarbon probability volumes and column maps ideal for new target identification.
  • Link to Microsoft Excel: All results are exported to Excel to facilitate integration with conventional economic analysis packages.
  • Production Risk Assessment–JACTA-3DSL/Frontsim connection: Tight integration with fast, streamlined flow simulators allows a reliable ranking of multiple realizations of the reservoir. It is also an ideal way to investigate and optimize alternative field development strategies.