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Make reliable, accurate reservoir predictions more quickly

The ability to predict reservoir performance underpins the economics of the drilling decision-making process. Fast and accurate simulation results are a critical requirement for successful reservoir management.  Emerson E&P Software offers Roxar Tempest™, an integrated software suite that provides a wide range of reservoir engineering features and is used in hundreds of installations worldwide. More than just a reservoir simulation tool, Tempest provide a full range of solutions for preparing and navigating simulation input, submitting and monitoring runs, visualizing and analyzing results, performing assisted history matching, and predicting production uncertainty.

Tempest runs on Windows and Linux, and operates alongside Emerson’s reservoir characterization and modeling solution, Roxar RMS. All modules can be deployed together or separately within third-party simulation workflows.  



  • A field-proven simulation and analysis system that can handle multiple models and large datasets.
  • A consistent simulation interface for black oil and compositional studies.
  • A statistically robust tool for analyzing risk consistently across both the engineering and geology domains.
  • A platform-independent solution for Windows and Linux.
  • Links to ECLIPSE*, Intersect*, Nexus/VIP**, IMEX/GEM/STARS*** and many proprietary simulators.

(Marks of *Schlumberger, **Landmark, *** CMG)

Tempest Modules

Tempest ENABLE: Designed to optimize reservoir understanding and decision making, through thorough uncertainty analysis, history matching and performance prediction.

Tempest MORE: An advanced reservoir simulator that empowers engineers with fast simulation, parallel processing and EOR features.

Tempest VIEW: Provides simulation post-processing to a wide range of third-party simulators and pre-processing to Tempest MORE.

Tempest PVTx: A PVT analysis tool to prepare simulation fluid input by matching to experimental data.