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Tempest MORE

Run fast, accurate, cost effective reservoir simulations.

Tempest MORE is an advanced reservoir simulator that empowers engineers with fast simulation, parallel processing and results analysis in 2D and 3D.  It is designed to easily accommodate large models and thousands of wells, even those with complex configurations, providing parallel simulation as standard.

Tempest MORE is available in black oil, compositional and thermal options. It simplifies deck setup with graphical event editing and the Smart Operation feature, which enables flexible and extendable management of realistic production scenarios.

Tempest MORE also delivers advanced solutions for enhanced oil-recovery techniques, including CO2 and polymer flooding, thermal and steam options.


  • Graphically or table edit input data, edit interactive event and operations, and manage production scenarios
  • Direct input of well trajectories, historical tables and structured events
  • Parallel processing
  • Load on demand for fast and memory-efficient result loading
  • Compositional equation of state
  • Dual porosity / permeability
  • Many standard ECLIPSE* and CMG features
  • Good result agreement with ECLIPSE*
  • Good result agreement scalar/parallel (i.e. results change very little as you change #  of processors)
  • Hydraulic well fracturing


  • Reliably manage highly deviated, horizontal and other complex well configurations
  • High performance simulator, efficient on multi-million cell models and thousands of wells
  • Fast and interactive simulation setup
  • Quick and comprehensive data mining and result analysis
  • Flexible and realistic production scenario management
  • Full field black oil, compositional and thermal reservoir simulator in one executable for conventional and unconventional field simulation


Tempest MORE accepts data in standard GRDECL (RMS, Petrel) files and can produce output in ECLIPSE* format (*mark of Schlumberger). Results formats are open and documented.

(* Mark of Schlumberger)