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Additional capabilities for integrated production modeling

The METTE™ production modeling package facilitates all types of multiphase flow calculations, enabling engineers to efficiently forecast the total production asset, from reservoir to inlet of process plants. METTE is used for modeling wells, flow lines and gathering networks at all stages of field life – from appraisal, field development and engineering, to production and operation. Generate production profiles to assess the technical and economic feasibility of different production scenarios. The latest release of METTE enhances its network modeling capabilities, allowing users to model even more advanced scenarios.

Key Features

  • Multiphase pumps can be simulated in both network simulations and in well and flow line performance calculations. Evaluate subsea pump installments during field development or use it for operational support during production.
  • Gathering networks with loops are now supported, enabling users to model more complex production systems.
A small gas field network with parallel flow lines modeled with a loop. The flow split into the loop is calculated during simulation reflecting changing hydraulic conditions.


Did you know?

METTE integrates the sub-surface and surface modeling workflows by coupling with reservoir simulators. Use METTE integrated with the Tempest suite to get production profiles reflecting the full production asset. METTE also integrates with industry standard simulator ECLIPSE and has been proven to simulate as many as 13 reservoir models within one single gathering network simulation.