Technological lead in high definition modeling



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New Feature Why It Matters
  • New horizon modeling algorithm
    • Better integration of well markers and seismic interpretations
    • Achieve marker-fitted horizons in one step
    • Automatic horizon data filtering to reconcile horizons, faults and markers
    • Streamlined user interface
  • Higher overall quality of modeled horizons
  • Improved usability of horizon modeling
  • Better usability of data cleaning and QC tools
  • New robust tessellation tools
    • Optimized tetrahedron solid models conforming to faults and horizons
    • Optimized meshes with spatially varying resolution
  • Link to Dassault Systèmes Abaqus® geomechanical simulator for stratigraphic grids and solid models
  • Faster and easier to create Finite Element meshes for geomechanical simulations
  • Better quality of sealed structural models
  • Improved integration with Abaqus
Enhanced automation
  • Increased usability of macros
    • User interface-driven scripting for common functions
    • Auto-completion for variables and functions while scripting
    • More built-in macro examples
    • Improved macro runs
  • Advanced geostatistics for automation and sensitivity analysis
  • Automation of velocity modeling through commands
  • Easier to create powerful custom workflows
  • Improved usability of property and velocity modeling through standalone commands
  • Improved workflow for opening and saving data from/to Epos
  • ​Ability to save logs created in SKUA-GOCAD to Epos
  • Streamlined data transfer between SKUA-GOCAD and other Paradigm applications 
  • New Petrel direct connector
    • ​New server-client direct connection through web socket
  • Improved connection to Petrel through RESQML files
  • Support for Petrel 2015 and Petrel 2016
  • Seamless exchange of data and models between SKUA-GOCAD and Petrel