Data Connectivity & Management

Improved Data Transfer to and from Schlumberger Petrel

As part of the ongoing Paradigm commitment to develop a true multi-vendor application ecosystem and accommodate client needs by improving inter-application communication, Paradigm is constantly expanding its support for Epos-Petrel* connectivity through the Paradigm Petrel Connector.

"In interpretation mode, I've successfully used the Paradigm-Petrel link to move horizons, faults, T-surfaces and grids between Paradigm and Petrel, in just a few clicks.  I particularly like the bulk transfer capability  of the Paradigm Interpretation Manager, which allows easy bulk transfer of a variety of interpretations.

I’ve also been able to import seismic volumes into and out of Petrel, taking advantage of the range of coordinate conversions in Paradigm. 

I have been most impressed by the well export function and have found it to be a very simple and fast process. Replicating our Petrel database manually in Paradigm would have taken weeks, so this has been extremely valuable.  Most importantly, the link enables the rapid migration of large, complex well databases for immediate use in Paradigm products such as VoxelGeo®.”

Tim Rady, London-based Oil & Gas E&P Company


New Feature Why it Matters
  • Support for 2D seismic
  • Support for area of interest polygons
  • Improvements to the Petrel data tree for Paradigm data
  • Easier data sharing between disciplines for improved reservoir modeling workflow efficiency
  • A single User Interface and single RESQML file export facilitate the transfer of data from Epos to Petrel
  • Performance improvements when writing reservoir grids to RESQML files from SKUA 
  • Increases the usability of SKUA-to-Petrel transfer

(*is a mark of Schlumberger)

Additional data connectivity updates
  • Support for OWX well data import (Kingdom, other applications)
  • Allows users to access Paradigm technologies while maintaining value of investments in other software platforms
  • Support for IHS 98f and 98c production data format
  • Multi-survey ASCII export of interpretations
  • More data types supported for RESQML export
  • Support raster logs from IHS PETRA®
  • Easier transition of wells from Petra to Paradigm