Formation Evaluation


Geolog® 7.4, the latest version of the industry-leading Paradigm® Geolog formation evaluation system,  is available both as a sttandalone version and as part pf the Paradigm 15.5 release.  Geolog 7.4 extends the solution's reach into additional phases of the production cycle through new engineering modules. In addition, it includes a new geomechanics module that helps assess mechanical conditions around the wellbore, providing deeper understanding into your reservoir.
New Feature Why It Matters
Engineering modules
  • Well schematics
Well schematics
  • Allows users to visualize wellbore mechanicals in conjunction with all other data gathered from the wellbore
  • Well integrity
Well integrity
  • An independent means of assessing the mechanical condition of casing in a wellbore, critical to ensuring safe operation
  • Production log interpretation
Production log interpretation
  • Allows users to process and interpret spinner and fluid tools to identify volumes of fluid produced in their wells
  • Working with this data directly alongside open hole datasets can enhance interpretation and understanding of the producing reservoir
  • Pore pressure prediction
Pore pressure prediction
  • Independent pre-drill validation of pore pressure within the familiar Geolog environment, providing input for other geomechanics workflows
  • Workflow consolidated into one integrated Loglan, for added efficiency
  • Dynamic and static elastic properties
  • Provide critical input to completions planning
  • Unconfined compressive strength
  • Provides critical input to completions planning and in-situ stress assessment
  • In-situ stress estimation (multiple methods)
  • Provides critical input to wellbore stability workflows
  • Wellbore stability plots
    • Mud window
    • Stress plot:
    • Stereonet plot: 
  • Allows drillers to plan safe mud program
  • A rapid, interactive plot to investigate wellbore conditions that could lead to failure
  • A rapid, interactive tool to investigate how stable the wellbore will be for any given drilling direction
  • New reservoir characterization plots
New reservoir characterization plots
  • Allow petrophysicists and engineers to identify specific flow units within reservoirs and estimate their flow capacity
  • Geolog for Geologists package provides full mapping and 3D visualization capabilities in 3D Canvas 
  • Improved understanding of the 3D architecture of the reservoir
Improved understanding of the 3D architecture of the reservoir
Extended third-party connectivity
  • Two-way Petrel (2013, 2014 and 2015) connector
  • Halliburton (Petris) Recall Dataserver – full interoperability
  • New data import formats supported
    • PETRA Log Image Calibration (.LIC)
    • OWX as exported by Kingdom (.OWF)
    • Geographix ASCII4 (.wb4)
    • IHS 298 production data (.98c, 98f)
    • 3D CT core data in DICOM format (.dcm)