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Data Connectivity & Management

Seamless coexistence and collaboration

New Feature Why it Matters
  • Ease of maintenance
    • A mechanism by which customers can automatically distribute ‘approved’ support packs to all Windows users of Paradigm applications
  • End users on Windows will always be using the latest customer-validated support pack versions.
  • Batch data management
    • New options to batch rename 2D seismic lines, horizons and faults while protecting against the creation of duplicate names
  • Facilitates rapid rule-based renaming of multiple database entities in a single step. 
  • Enhancements to well data management and performance
    • Multi-thread well data access from Epos applications
  • Significant performance improvements when opening wells into Integrated Canvas and other Epos applications.
  • Support for Petrel* 2017 (*is a mark of Schlumberger)
  • Updated connectivity to the latest version of Petrel