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Formation Evaluation

Building the industry standard field development platform

Geolog 18

New Feature Why It Matters
Generalized uncertainty
  • Monte Carlo option in module launcher
    • User defined parameters for inputs
    • Results are output as distribution
  • Existing saved calculations can be restored and re-run with MC enabled
  • Works with both modules supplied with Geolog and user-created custom modules
  • User created custom modules can be run with new MC, without need for any code changes
  • Allows assessment of uncertainty on calculations run through module launcher.
  • Understanding uncertainties helps quantify value of results.
  • ​Enables clients to increase the value of their existing investment in Geolog.
Customizable reusable report template for automated reporting
  • ​Rich text editor to create report body text
  • Embed many Geolog views in text, including Layout, Xplot and Frequency
  • Embed database queries using GeologSQL – a new SQL-like query language for Geolog well database
  • Embed Geolog variable expansions
  • Output reports in PDF format
  • Interactive data selection by responding automatically to datum and well list changes
  • Live view of data - report updates automatically when data in Geolog database changes
  • Create report templates for specific milestones and share them across projects and sites.
  • Live connection to data allows changes to be propagated to all parts of report.
  • Reduce time required to create final reports of required format.
Formation Test QC
  • FT Analysis View
    • Rapid data loading from DLIS
    • Support for wide range of probes
    • Manual and automatic picking of various points along formation pressure draw-down / buildup profiles
    • Outputs feed into FT Pretest QC View
  • Rapidly load, organize and analyze formation test data.
  • FT Pretest QC View
    • Assigns quality to each point based on user configurable metrics
      • Can be displayed on gradient plots
        • Lower quality points excluded from calculations as required, etc.
  • Consistently assign quality ratings to pressure points based on user-defined criteria.
  • FT Gradient Uncertainty
    • New Monte Carlo uncertainty option can be invoked from FT dialogs
    • Calculates uncertainties on pressure points, gradients, contacts
    • Uncertainties displayed on FT plots and layout tracks
  • Assess uncertainty on pressure gradients and fluid contacts.
  • Geomechanics, Engineering and Production updates
    • Anisotropic geomechanics calculations
    • New cement evaluation functionality
    • Enhanced production logging module
  • Expanded geomechanics optimizes prediction of well stability
  • Production logging in deviated wells
Python Loglan
  • Create Python scripts in Loglan editor, and run them from Geolog
    • Access standard Geolog functionalities (unit conversion, audit trail, general uncertainty
  • Access third-party libraries to extend functionality
    • Leverage existing third-party libraries for mathematics, graphics, statistical analysis and machine learning
  • Access to standard Geolog functionalities extends range of customization options for users.