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Accurate and Flexible Subsurface Modeling

New Features

Why It Matters

Improved Usability
  • Performance when working with large data
  • Workflow stability
  • Improved data visualization, well correlation and mapping
•    Faster display and analysis of data
•    Faster results

Adding Value to Workflows 

  • Structural restoration
    • New automatic UVT structural restoration
    • New tectonic analysis tools in Kine3D-3
  • New, advanced and optimized property modeling algorithms
    • MPS with direct sampling for joint facies and petrophysical simulations
    • Turning bands for faster simulations
    • Improved geostatistics and mapping on unstructured grids
  • Gridding improvements
  • Better understanding of structural and stratigraphic history and more reliable QC and validation of interpretations and trap geometries
  • More accurate and realistic reservoir models obtained faster 
One-click 3D restoration - independent step at each horizon


Uncertainty and Risk Assessment

  • Use velocity uncertainties along with interpretation uncertainties
  • Revamp structural uncertainty result display and analysis
  • Manage complex fluid contacts for structure uncertainty
  • Fault seal and displacement analysis in the presence of uncertainties
  • Mitigate risk in reservoir and target locations by integrating all model uncertainties 
Mitigate risk in reservoir and target locations by integrating all model uncertainties


New Energy

  • Improved connectivity to TOUGH2 groundwater and heat simulator
  • New macros for:
    • Estimating geothermal potential
    • Estimating carbon storage capacity in saline aquifers
  • Leverage advanced subsurface workflows for better and faster assessment of new energy resources  


Scripting and Automation

  • Expanded customization and scripting capabilities:
    • Strengthen scripting of structure, grid and property modeling
    • Improved JavaScript API
    • New Python API
  • Accelerate time to results by automating and customizing model building for subsurface characterization workflows  
    A pathway to fully automated reservoir modeling



  • Expanded I/O capabilities with RESQML and ETP (SKUA-GOCAD)
  • Exchange SKUA Model and grids with RESQML
  • Improved connectivity with RMS and Petrel 
  • Export data to glTF format
  • Improved productivity through increased cross-application connectivity