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Emerson Automation Solutions is digitally transforming how geoscientists and engineers approach their prospecting, drilling and field operation decisions, in areas of increasing operational and technical complexity.  We are enabling your experts to dig deeper into their seismic data potential with trailblazing modern 3D imaging solutions to help them gain confidence and minimize subsurface uncertainty, while avoiding unnecessary drilling disturbances.

Unlock your seismic data’s potential in exploration and development with EarthStudy 360


The EarthStudy 360™ seismic imaging and characterization system is the industry’s first full-azimuth imaging solution, delivering unprecedented value from modern and legacy data through high-resolution imaging and analysis that target specific subsurface features … in-situ and in-depth. EarthStudy 360 provides deeper insight into the subsurface for all types of oil and gas assets (deep water, unconventionals, carbonates, clastic reservoirs), giving geoscientists and engineers more confidence in their prospecting, drilling, and field operation decisions.

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