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Reservoir Analytics

Accelerating reservoir development and management decisions

AI-based analytics support accurate reservoir-driven operational decisions

Today, operators create a wealth of data through integrated reservoir studies.  Emerson technologies provide advanced methods to augment well and seismic data, and combine them with production data to deliver a unique understanding of the reservoir’s geological characteristics as well as its current and future flow behavior.

Reservoir Analytics enable oil and gas E&P companies to exploit the results of such subsurface-to-surface workflows to accelerate reservoir development. The process begins by accessing and synthetizing all of these results for automatic interpretation and analysis.  The insights extracted lead to rapid and informed collaborative reservoir management decisions.

Speedwise Reservoir Opportunity (SRO) combines reservoir models with production and completion information to automatically suggest and rank recompletion, infill, or sidetrack opportunities in producing reservoirs. The robust automation of generating these opportunities enables asset teams to spend more time vetting many of them rather than identifying just a few.