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2014 Virtual Lecture Series

Virtual Lecture Series

Throughout 2014, Paradigm featured a series of Virtual Lectures, consisting of 13 On-Demand Webcasts presented by Paradigm Subject Matter Experts. The Lecture Series demonstrated best practices for optimizing workflows in order to reduce cycle time, maximize accuracy and minimize risk. The demonstrations featured the newest trends in high-definition seismic imaging, quantitative seismic interpretation, advanced petrophysics, and development workflows.

If you missed the Webcasts, you can access these on-demand presentations to learn about Paradigm solutions at the time and place of your choice.

Paradigm Virtual Lecture Series - On-Demand Webcast Schedule
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Presentation Title Featured Technology Presenter
Integrate Well and Pre-stack Data for Lithology Prediction SeisEarth®, Geolog® Facimage, VoxelGeo® , SKUA®

Bruno de Ribet
Making the Most of Borehole Images Geolog®
Diego Vasquez
Well-tie Tomography: A Fast and Efficient Workflow to Update a Velocity Model in Anisotropic Media GeoDepth® Tomography, SeisEarth®
Sandra Allwork
Optimize Oil Recovery with 4D Seismic Data Analysis SeisEarth®
Kamal Hami-Eddine
Safer Drilling: Log-Based Pore and Fracture Pressure Prediction, and Modelling of In Situ Stress Geolog®
Nicolas Poete
Automated Volume Interpretation and Seismic Chronostratigraphy for a Deeper Comprehension of the Structural and Stratigraphic Framework SKUA®, SeisEarth®
Camille Carn
Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators Analysis for Every Interpreter SeisEarth®, Vanguard®
Tatiana Kuznetsova
Improved Velocity Model and Image Quality: Geologically Constrained Tomography and Residual Moveout QC GeoDepth® Tomography
Sandra Allwork
Effective Assessment of Development Scenarios in the Context of Mixed Structural and Petrophysical Uncertainties SKUA®
Alice Laaouissi
Improved Development Plans: Combined Geologic Correlation, Sectioning and Mapping for Efficient Reservoir Characterization and Well Plan Optimization StratEarth®, SeisEarth®
Andrea Gallagher
Improved Production Forecasts: Impact of Reservoir Compartmentalisation on Flow Response SKUA®
Melanie Morin
Looking for Higher Definition? From Broadband Processing to Diffraction Imaging, Extract the Maximum from Your Modern and Legacy Seismic Data Echos®, EarthStudy 360®

Sandra Allwork